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Upcoming Procurements

Next Up: GSA OASIS+:

These days, every Federal Contractor wants to hold Best-in-class (BIC) contracting vehicles. Winning the “right” contracting vehicle enables a company to do business with the array of Federal agencies that put out work leveraging that specific vehicle. And frankly, having active BIC contracting vehicles increases the value of a company to a potential buyer because it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to win a new vehicle. So, having the vehicle itself is quite valuable.

And the use of Best-in-class vehicles in Federal Contracting is ever increasing.

In a March 24, 2022, online article entitled “Federal Contract Spending Trends in Five Charts,” Bloomberg states in item #3 “Best-in-class contracts reach record high”:

“Federal agencies signaled a continued commitment to best-in-class contracts by upping their fiscal 2021 BIC spending to a record $50.9 billion amid the most significant year-over-year overall spending downturn in a decade.

“BICs’ procurement footprint is growing, too. In fiscal 2017, best-in-class contracts amounted to $26.8 billion and 5.2% of total spending. BIC, or ‘Tier 3,’ awards now account for 8.2% of all contract dollars, according to data from the General Services Administration and Bloomberg Government.”

The latest BIC now being hotly pursued is United States General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Professional Services and Human Capital (PSHC) OASIS+ Contract.

To follow the acquisition process as it unfold and to learn more about how to get ready to bid this contracting vehicle, visit the GSA Interact site at, Search for “OASIS+.” You can also contact HARP for advice and counsel on OASIS+ bid and teaming strategies.